December 8, 2016

Sweet Display Counter Manufacturer in Delhi & India.

Sweet display counter manufacturer are making all type of Cake, Bakery and Sweet display counter to Food fresh and alive for long time. We are leading manufacturer of cake, bakery, pastry and sweet display counter manufacturer in delhi and India. We have all type of cake, bakery and sweet display counter for shops. Our experts are providing our manufacturer equipment for bakery and cake shops. Here is one solutions for cake and bakery equipment. We are providing our manufacturer equipments all over India.

We have Korean & simple sweet display counter manufacturer in Delhi by AKS.

Bakery display counter

Bakery and Sweet Display Counter.

All Bakery and Sweet Display Counter are optimizing according customer dimension. Our display counter should be manufactured from high grade material. We are using puffing to keep better cooling. In this equipment has compressor which is imported from Italy. AK Service & food Equipment has lot of design for bakery, cake and sweet display counter designs for customers. So they can easily find out which equipment is perfect for him. All Equipment should be made from all safety feature.

cake display counter & Sweet display counter

Cake and Sweet Display Counter.

All Pastry, Cake and Sweet display counter manufactured with 202 & 302 stainless steel. These stainless steel depends on customer what type of stainless steel. They want in their equipments. We are offering both steel material for display counter. In this equipment has italin compressor to maintain better cooling for equipment. It has also one year warranty in Delhi and India at reasonable price. We also have planetary mixer to mix large quantity of food base. We have all range of mixer for cake and bakery food base.

cake display counter & Sweet display counter

Pastry and Sweet Display Counter.

We have standard sizes for all pastry and Sweet Display counter manufactured using in shop and malls. Our standard size which is created by us and it should have used in Bakery shops, pastry shop and Sweet Shops in Delhi and India. Experts are improving their designs for marketing demand. We only provide best equipment in cheapest price in Delhi and India. All counter is available Korean, simple. You can also choose glasses. Here is best design of glasses like flat, curve, circle round and more. 

Check More Amazing Sweet Display Counter Design for Cake Shops and Bakery Shops.

AK Service & Food Equipment is leading Manufacturer of Commercial Kitchen Equipments in Delhi and India. We have wide range of collection for restaurant and hotel Equipments. Our Company is delhi based but we are providing our Equipment all over India.

We are dividing Our Counter into  three category.  One is  Made From Korena  sheet. Our Product is most used in Restaurant Kitchen Equipments, Canteen and Catering. It has two type of cooling. One is static cooling and Second one is Air cooling. In this Display counters are made from copper wire to maintain same cooling all the time. This Equipment also has adjustable legs for floor. It is also available in wheels for changing From one location to another with any problem. It's also reduce of man power to one location to another. This Equipment can be customized according to customer requirement. Shelf depend on customer how much they want for this Equipment.