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AK Service & Food Equipment Provide most advanced commercial kitchen equipment in India For Hotels, Restaurant & Resorts.

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Ak Service & Food equipment, we are Leading Manufacturer of commercial kitchen Equipment. First of all we work for customer satisfaction. We have Served Industries like Armed Forces, Restaurants, Hotels, Bar, Food outlets, Cafe and Catering. What we committed we always delivered because our policy is what we committed it has to be delivered. As a result AK Service & Food Equipment is leading Manufacturer of Commercial kitchen equipment over few years. We have made equipment like Wood fire Pizza oven, Garbage chute, Display Counter, Pizza oven, Under Counter, Four doors Refrigerator and work Table etc...

Ak Service & Food Equipment, We are serving Restaurant Equipment from last four years. We have made thousand's of Equipment for Food outlet, Cafe's and Many of Restaurant. Our main goal is to serve those industries who highly required Commercial Kitchen Equipment. When you think about Restaurant only one thing sticks to our mind that is Yummy food. For Yummy Food Two things required one good chief and Second a good quality of food Equipment who can create that taste What you want.


Ak Service & Food Equipment Giving Innovative Smart Commercial kitchen Solution for Business Aggressiveness
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Ak Service & Food Equipment has extensive years of experience equipment industry, we are now running one of two line of businesses i.e. offering a wide variety of Commercial kitchen equipment with uncompromising quality and durability and its servicing by targeting the quality conscious operators. Our food service products are demanded in various industries like Hospitality, hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, canteens or catering purposes etc. The company stands behind the commitment of supporting kitchen equipment products and services anywhere in India to stay ahead in the competition.

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Ak Service & Food Equipment has lot of Satisfie Clients

Ak Service & Food Equipment, We are Serving Hotel Equipment From last four Years. We also have made Thousand's of Equipment for food Outlet, Two Star, Three Star, Four Star Hotels. Our main goal is to serve those Industries who highly required Commercial Kitchen Equipment. When You think about Hotels only one thing sticks to our mind that is Yummy Food. For Yummy Food Two Things Required one is good Chief and Second one is Good quality of Food Equipment who can Create That Taste What you want.

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