October 3, 2016

Ice Crusher Machine with Affordable Price in Delhi | India.

Ice Crusher Machine - This Machine on the other hand requires less effort. It is a simple plug & play machine. Anyone can use this machine easily. we also made video and some Picture how to use this.  In This Ice Crusher Machine you can easily crusher ice without making more efforts. You don't need a techinal Person for using this machine . You can also compare this Ice crusher machine price  at amazon and flipkart. 

ice crusher machine

Electric Ice Crusher Machine

  • Material:          Aluminium.
  • Color:                 Silver
  • Waterproof "On/Off" switch.
  • Safety Cover Stop to prevent any accident. (unit shuts off when the cover is open of this Equipment.)
  • Stable and Heavy Case of  Iron base of this Equipment.
  • Low maintenance of this Equipment.
  • Very Easy and simple to operates this Equipment.

Our Ice Crusher Machine Price is 3500 Rs

Download Specification and Save 100 rs on this Equipment.

Ice Crusher Machine download specification.

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Compare Ice Crusher Machine Price 

All Techinal Details are Same

Warrant are Same one year.

You can use shaved ice in different dishes. You can add your shaved ice in shakes, smoothies, drinks etc. This Equipment can give you shaved ice in few seconds. This Equipment is mostly used in Restaurant, Hotel, Bar and Juice corner. 

See more Images of Electric Ice Crusher Machine.

How Easy to Use Electric Ice Crusher Machine .

  1. Put The Ice into the Machine.
  2. Turn on the Power switch and Press the handle.
  3. When the handle board touches the ice, then Start the machine.
  4. Press the handle down hard until all the ice is crushed and falls into the container.
  5. Turn Off the switch and cut off the power and pull the handle.

Note - make sure it stops working completely before you put the ice into the Equipment. Don't loose you hands until the Equipment stop working when you pull the handle.

Benefit of This Equipment

  • Instantly you can get soft mounds of beautiful snow white ice within minutes of inserting the rough oversized ice cubes.
  • The demand is more for crushed ice since it can be used to make a number of concoctions of various beverages.
  • if you are entertaining guests, you can simply add them to your cocktails or martinis or any type of alcoholic or non alcoholic beverage.
  • The truth is, most beverages taste better with a little bit of crushed ice since it gives a unique texture and it feels great to chew.

Easy to Clean This Equipment.

  1. Clean this Equipment with wet towel.
  2. After working  everyday, you should clean the roaster surface and the leading wire with wet towel, using non-crrosive detergent. it is forbidden to water the electric box.

It is an automatic equipment.  People Purchase this Equipment for different reason. Before you Purchase an electric ice crusher machine. It is an important that you should know how much ice is crushed in in hour.