August 24, 2016

Commercial Refrigerator & freeze Manufacturer in Delhi Ncr | India.

Commercial Refrigerator Manufacturers are mainly used to make Food Fresh & alive for long Time.Get Commercial Refrigerator at best Price. We are leading Commercial Refrigerator manufacturers in Delhi NCR | India. We have made lots of Equipment for different Industries. We have Served Industries like Hotels, Cafe's, Restaurant, Food outlets. We Manufacturer all type  Commercial Refrigerator like Bar Chiller, Vertical Refrigerator, Pizza make line etc.​ There are Two types of Cooling option provided by us in our Commercial Refrigerators.

Here is Huge Collection of Manufactured Commercial Refrigerator

UnderCounter Refrigerator

UnderCounter Refrigerator

We are leading of all type commercial undercounter refrigerator maufacturers in delhi | india for entire restaurant & hotel kitchen. We are improving our design day to day to marketing trend. Our team has already designed all of undercounter fridge like 2 & 3 door with glass display counter. Here you can check out different type of undercounter fridge according to customer requirement. We also customize our undercounter fridge for customer needs.

Commercial Refrigerator bar chiller 1

Bar Chiller 

  • 2 Glass vacuum doors are provided for product display.
  • Extra provided for storage of ice bags.
  • 20 SWG stainless steel exterior and 22 Swg interior.
  • 2.25 Puffed in Place ''Zero ODP" Polyol/insulation

commercial refrigerator manufacuter two door

2 Door Commercial Refrigerator

AK Service & Food Equipment also designed 2 door industrial fridge for your restaurant kitchen equipments. Our most of industrial fridge is used in industrial kitchen equipment set-up. 2 door industrial fridge has built to covering less area and get more storage space in 2 door commercial refrigerator manufacturer by us. Two door is fully made by stainless steel and customize according to customer demand.

  • Digital Temperature  controller is provided in the unit.

commercial refrigerator manufacuter four door

4 Door Commercial Refrigerator

4 door Commercial refrigerator manufacturer are design to keep your food fresh. Our 4 door Commercial refrigerator is built with adjustable legs on floor. If floor is up and down. They can adjust their legs according to floor. It is 2.25 puffed in place “zero odp” insulation. It has four stainless steel door and you can easily open and close the door without having any problem.

  • Adjustable Stainless steal shelves are provided.

Commercial Refrigerator ​Pizza Make Line

Pizza Make Line

Pizza make line is made undercounter with pizza pan to keep pizza food on pizza pan. We are covering display area with glass because customer you see what type of material. They are using at the time of making pizza’s. You can also give you instruction to customize you pizza make line . It will be done by our commercial refrigerator manufacturer in India & Delhi. 

  • SS GN Pans with lids are provided on the top of the Refrigerator two store Pizzas.

ice cube machine price in india

Ice Cube Machine

Ice cube machine is also par of industrial fridge. We also have huge collection of industrial ice cube machine for restaurant and bars. Ice cube machine is available in all brand at AK Service & Food Equipment.

  • We available Scotsman between 24 to 100 Kg.

stainless steel water cooler manufacturer.

Stainless Steel Water Cooler

Water Cooler Manufacturer is Design According to Customer & Marketing trend. Stainless Steel Water Cooler Manufacturer are Providing wide range of design of this Equipment. We are one who only design our equipment according to customer equipment. We use all Safety Feature in our equipment. We tested our Equipment before Delivery.

Water Cooler made by leading commercial refrigerator manufacturer.

Fried Ice Cream Machine Price In India Delhi at Best Price

Tawa & Fried Ice Cream Machine

Tawa & Fried Ice Cream Machine is Design According to Customer & Marketing trend. Fully Body is made by Stainless Steel. Tawa & Fried Ice Cream Machine  Manufacturer are Providing wide range of design For this Equipment. We are one who only design our equipment according to customer equipment. We use all Safety Feature in our equipment. We tested our Equipment before Delivery.

Tawa & Fried Ice Cream Machine made by leading commercial refrigerator manufacturer.

Watch Video of of Commercial Refrigerator Manufactured By Our Team.

 AK Service & Food Equipment has an experienced team for Commercial Refrigerator manufacturer team. Who work with customer until he gets best solution for his Commercial Refrigerator. We work not only to sell we work for customer satisfaction and long term Relationship. All Commercial refrigerator manufacturer manufactured by best cold storage technology. In industrial fridge depends how many doors they want in your fridge. Undercounter fridge also provided in glass doors. Our tam also customize equipment to provide extra storage space . light bulb is putted inside the commercial refrigerator to see clear view. All equipment's are built with stainless steel to run for long time in your business. These equipment has digital temperature controller to control temperature of our commercial refrigerator manufacture by us.