August 30, 2016

Commercial Pizza Oven Manufacturer in Delhi | India.

Commercial Pizza oven is mainly used to produce large quantity of Pizza. We also have Different Type of Commercial Pizza oven. We have an experienced team. A great experienced team dynamic and energetic professional are serving the clients coming from different backgrounds. Experts implement all the experienced to gave the best of clients. Our Commercial Pizza oven are available in different type of size. Both Electric or LPG . In Electric Commercial pizza oven are under provide elements for top and base and in LPG provide industrial stoves and also temperature thermostat with on/off cutt.

​We have wide range of commercial pizza oven according to customer requirement.

Commercial Pizza Oven

Single Deck Pizza Oven.

 (i) Digital control thermostat top and bottom.

(ii) Stone base.

(iii)Power 3.2 kw (electric ).

(iv) temperature 100 c  up to 400. 

(iv) Dimension  -  930x630x400

commercial pizza oven price in india

Single Deck pizza oven.

(i)Digital control thermostat for top and bottom. 

​(ii)Power 5.7 kw(E).

(iii)Dimension  -   866x640x225​.

(iv)​Outer Dimension - 1210x750x520

(v)​ Frequency   -  50 Hz.

commrcial pizza oven price in india gas pizza

Commercial Pizza oven (gas)

This Equipment is also known as bakery and Commercial  Pizza oven because you could make bakery as well as pizza's in this equipment. It is Provided in both Source like Electric and Gas and lpg. Many Customer wants LPG Source because it makes reduce you production cost. Equipment has two digital temperature controller. In This Equipment has two stainless steel tray to keep your food before to bake you food. Our Product is Built with Proper Stainless Steel.

  • It has Gas Power Source .
double deck oven and bakery equipment manufacturers

Commercial Pizza oven (gas)

Deck Oven are Categories in Single, double & Triple. Get Free Enquiry all type of deck oven Price in India and Delhi both Gas - Electric. These deck oven are very well known as commercial pizza oven in India. We have both Electric and gas operated deck oven price in India and Delhi. These Equipment is having huge demand in India. Lot of people are considering to buy gas source deck oven because it is reducing the of production in India.

  • It has Gas Power Source .
commercial pizza oven price in india

Small Commercial Pizza Oven

(i)Digital control thermostat for top and bottom. 

(ii) Stone base.

(iii) SS Body.

(iv)Dimension 18x16x10​.

(v) Weight - 20kg.

electric conveyor pizza oven

 Conveyor Pizza Oven.

(i) Temp  50To 300c.

(ii) V​oltage 220v.

(iii)Power 8.5 kw​.

Electric Conveyor usually use for heavy production of pizzas . In this oven you can make 60 to 70 pizzas in one hour. You can also make garlic bread. This oven mostly us full for Catering ,  Restaurant etc.   

commercial pizza oven price in india

Wood Fire Commercial Pizza Oven Stainless steel.

Wood Fired commercial Pizza oven is fully made by high grade stainless steel material. Lot of People are purchasing this equipment for showcase. It should be located in where at your house and restaurant because it has wheel on his legs to remove easily one location to one location. It is highly demand Indian market. Our experts are improving designs for all type of commercial pizza oven price in india is provided by leading manufacturer in Delhi and India. Ak Service & Food Equipment provide all equipment.

We are Providing all commercial pizza oven on affordable price in Delhi and India. We have all type of commercial pizza oven like single deck, single deck with bakery , double deck, conveyor and wood fired oven. Some of Commercial pizza oven has designed with us like Single & Double deck and Wood fired and Conveyor Oven at reason price in Delhi and India. Hers is Best solution for Commercial Pizza oven because We provide in Gas & Electric Source oven in at best Price in Delhi and India.