August 23, 2016

Commercial Blender Supplier & Importer in delhi | India.

Commercial blender professionally makes amazing thick smoothie, hearty soup, blend frozen cocktails etc. Commercial blender is mainly used to make large volume of shakes and smoothie. This Blender is Equipped with an industrial Powerful motor which rotary speed is up to 25000 Rmp. Dry or wet Food can be quickly & Efficiently converted into Powder or Paste. It still Retains its original nutrition and Flavor. It is a Professional High Speed Blender.

commercial blender

Commercial Blender

Techincal Parameters

Model no




Motor Power



Enduranceof the jug




2.5mm Stainless steel




​Standard & Pluse


-40C to 180C

Thermal and current Protector ​

4 Kg​

Commercial Blender Feature and Function.

  • Multi Function Blender for making shakes, smoothie and cold cocktails.
  • It Blends Either Wet or Dry.
  • It has 2 high grade Stainless Steel blade for mixing real ingreedent of tasty.
  • Industrial high Speed Motor for making large volume prduction.
  • It also has a power to Crushe Ice in Second.
  • Transparent Plastic Container for
  • It has a Precision Technology for make tasty smoothiee.
  • Commercial duty blender and ice crusher 2 in 1.
  • Digital switch control for sped and timer.
  • pluse mode 2 rpm while button is pushed.
  • safety protection micro switches.
  • Double Automatically Protective Electric Circuit.(Thermal / Current Protector)
  • Using high Quality Tempered transparent Plastic container. It will not easily break.

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​Commercial Blender