December 11, 2016

Bain Marie Counter & Hot Bain Marie Manufacturer in Delhi | India.

Bain Marie Counter are specially design for display prepared food. Get Free Quotation on Different Type of Hot Bain Marie Counter From leading Manufacturer. We design hot bain marie counter according  to customer requirement with reasonable price. This Equipment has a huge demand in the market. It is primary equipment for restaurant, food out-let and hotel. We are design this equipment to keep our food warm and display. Food always depends on how to display & how much attract your food to customer. That'swhy we are making this equipment according to marketing trend. our all product is used for commercial kitchen equipment. You See our Commercial Kitchen Equipments.

We are designing different Type of Hot Bain marie counter with Reasonable price.

hot bain marie counter

Hot Bain Marie Counter with Display

This Equipments are designed with pan and glass counter. It also made with proper Stainless steel material. You can also use this equipment with display counter as well as keep food warm and fresh for long time.

  • We design for maximum storage space for food.
  • Food can be fresh after 7 to 8 hour using this equipment.
  • We customize our to your requirement.
hot bain marie counter

Hot Bain Marie Counter with Display

We have different type of hot equipment for Hotel, Restaurant and food out let. Our team design equipment for three pan support for keeping for food. It has four pan support on top.

  • This Equipment is  mostly use in buffet.
  • we design our hot equipment for ss material.
  • ​Dimension design by customer requirement and space of area to keep this equipment.
hot bain marie counter

Hot Bain Marie Counter with Display

Hot Food Equipment designed with four door and food keep warm and fresh for long time for customer requirement. This equipment made by high grade ss material.

  • We design this equipment with pan.
  • This Hot equipment with three door to keep more space.
  • Design for maximum storage space for food.
hot bain marie counter

Hot Bain Marie Counter.

We are expert to make hot bain marie counter. we are making this equipment for last 7 year. we made this equipment for industrial kitchen for hotel and restaurant.

  • This equipment design with hot pan.
  • This equipment also has wheel to easy move one location to another.
  • It also has space area to keep more food.
hot bain marie counter

Hot Bain Marie Counter 

Our Experience team design hot food equipment according to customer requirement. Hot bain marie counter has self and adjustable legs for floor. It also design with advance technology. 

  • We design with all safety feature.
  • Our team design with advance technology.
  • You can use this equipment in many sector like hotel, Restaurant and out let.

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Bain marie counter​

See more images of hot bain marie counter for keeping food warm.

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