August 20, 2016

Restaurant Kitchen Equipments Manufacturer in Delhi | India.

Restaurant Kitchen Equipments Manufacutrer are Designed according to Cooking Area. We are leading of Restaurant Kitchen Equipments Manufacturer in Delhi | India. We also Provide of Equipment all over India. We have huge Range of Restaurant Kitchen Equipments like - Commercial Gas burner, Work Table, Work Table with Sink, Exhaust hood, Tan-door, Commercial Refrigerator, Undercounter Refrigerator, Commercial Pizza oven, Commercial Blender, Planetary Mixer, Commercial Deep Fryer.

Restaurant Kitchen Equipments

Here is Entire list of Restaurant Kitchen Equipments Set-up By Ak Service & Food Equipment 

stainless steel sink manufacturer

Stainless Steel Sink

We have Made all type of Stainless Steel Sink which is used in Hotel & Restaurant Kitchen Equipments Set-up. We are improving our design to maximize more space for work area. We have manufactured Single Stainless Steel Sink, Double Stainless Steel Sink, Three Stainless Steel Sink, Stainless Steel Sink with Table. Here You can check out all type of Stainless Steel Sink. We are leading Restaurant Kitchen Equipments Manufacturer in Delhi & India. Stainless Steel Sink Provide on customer price and dealer Price.

commercial stove burner

Commercial Gas Stove

Commercial gas burner is first equipment for any Hotel & Restaurant Kitchen Equipments set-up. We are making our delicious food on burner. That’s the reason we need commercial gas burner to make delicious food. Our team has designed all type of commercial gas burner & commercial gas stove. Here you can check out Indian gas burner, Chinese gas burner, Indian + Chinese gas burner. In these commercial gas burner, We provide shelf and try for keep material on burner. Burner should be made with adjustable legs for up and down floor.

Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial Refrigerator has huge demand to make your food fresh and alive for long time period. AK Service & Food Equipment has a dedicated team for who design all type of commercial refrigerator for restaurant kitchen equipments. All Refrigerator Products make commercial refrigerator category. In these product like 2 & 4 Door Refrigerator, 2 & 3 door Under counter Refrigerator, Bar chiller, Water cooler are included in the commercial refrigerator category. This category are very important for hotel and Restaurant kitchen Equipments.

Bakery display counter

Display Counter

Display counter attract people how your food is looking. This entire process depends on hot and cold display counter. Display counters are also known as sweet display counter, bakery display counter and cake display counter. We are manufacturing all type of display counter to display your food to attract more people. Display counter is required for those people who has sweet, bakery and pastry shop. Those counter are also important part of hotel and restaurant kitchen equipments. You can keep your food at perfect temperature.

commrcial pizza oven price in india gas pizza

Commercial Pizza Oven

Commercial pizza oven has divided into different category of pizza oven. We have all category of pizza oven like single deck pizza oven, double deck pizza oven, pizza oven with bakery oven, conveyor pizza oven and wood fired pizza oven. All pizza oven has different from each other. In single deck pizza oven you can make pizza, cookies, biscuits and donuts.Recently wood fired pizza oven is using for traditional taste of pizza’s. Conveyor pizza oven has produce large quantity of pizza with in few minutes.

hot bain marie counter

Hot Bain Marie Counter

Hot Bain marie mainly work to keep wood warm for long time and make it fresh. Hot Bain maire is mostly used in restaurant kitchen equipments and hotel because they need to make food warm for long time. Our Experts design our hot product with all safety feature required in the hot product. We have a huge collection of hot bain marie. We made simple hot bain marie, hot bain maire with display counter. Customer can also give his/her customize dimension for required product. Our team will design your entire restaurant kitchen equipments with affordable price in Delhi.

planetary mixer 30 liter

Planetary Mixer

Planetary mixer has play very important role to mixing food material with real ingredient flavor. In Restaurant Kitchen Equipments need to produce large quantity of mix food material. That’swhy are providing planetary mixer in all range. We have all capacity of planetary mixer like 5 liter, 10 liter,20 liter, 30 liter. Planetary mixer capacity depend on how consumption is required in your restaurant kitchen equipment set-up.

Electric Plate Warmer

Plate Warmer

Plate warmer is mainly design to keep Plate warmer and hot. We are leading Manufacturer and Importer of Electric Plate warmer. We have a dedicated team to understand customer requirement. We have an experienced team for fix your problem after the Sale. We want to give better Service in Commercial kitchen Equipment.

  • Capacity - 50 Plates 
  • Capacity - 100 Plates
commercial deep fryer

Commercial Deep Fryer

Commercial deep fryer makes crispy and delicious food for our hotel, restaurant and resort. Commercial deep fryer manufacture by experience team. Deep Fryer made to reduce waste of oil at the of frying of food. Deep fryer is available on eclectic and gas source. Industrial deep fryer has available in all capacity at reasonable price in Delhi & India. Fryer is also optimizing. If customer want to looking for customize fryer. Deep fryer also a part of restaurant kitchen equipments.

exhaust hood manufacturer

Exhaust Hood

Exhaust hood is device that hangs above the burner and stove to removes airborne grease, smoke, heat form the air. AK Service & food Equipment has made all type of exhaust hood for industrial as well as domestic. Exhaust hood has important for any restaurant kitchen equipment and hotel Because air should be clean for worker. So they make best food your customer. We also design exhaust hood for School canteen, hotel, restaurant and chemical factory. All the reason make exhaust hood should there for cleaning the air.

commercial blender

Commercial Blender

Blender professionally makes amazing thick smoothie, hearty soup, blend frozen cocktails etc. Commercial blender is mainly used to make large volume of shakes and smoothie. This Blender is Equipped with an industrial Powerful motor which rotary speed is up to 25000 Rmp. Dry or wet Food can be quickly & Efficiently converted into Powder or Paste. It still Retains its original nutrition and Flavor. 

  • High Speed Motor Blender.
  • Multi Function Blender for making shakes.

Restaurant Kitchen Equipments  list

Ak Service & Food Equipment is leading Restaurant Kitchen Equipments Manufacturer in Delhi | India. Our Equipment are Made by Advance Technology and Built by all Safety Feature. We made thousand of equipment for industrial & house purpose. We Upgrade our all design according to marketing trend. Because we want to provide our best service. Ak Service & Food Equipment only work for Customer Satisfaction. When you think about us one thing stick in your mind our best Equipment. Our main is goal served those industries who highly Required advance Restaurant Kitchen Equipments Manufacturer in Delhi and India at best Price.